Media Buying $100,000 worth of media (6%)

$15,000.00 $6,000.00/service


Simply put, media buying is advertisement placement; however, a skilled media buyer goes well beyond just buying space. Our media buyer’s expertise is in the art of media negotiation and placement. BluHorn Advantage has established and maintained relationships with media reps around the country in markets both large and small. These relationships aid us in producing the most effective and trusted marketing schedules to benefit your business.

Why Use a Media Buyer?

  • Expertise
    Negotiation Power
    ROI Tracking
    Waste Management

*The Media buy fee is per DMA and does not include trafficking of spots/artwork

Media buying fee is billed at a rate of 6 % of the total spend. If the total buy falls below the projected budget amount, your company will be credited back the difference on the projected commissions.


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